Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still Planting

I'm still planting the items my wife bought Monday. She told me she bought about forty-two cedars. It turns out, there are forty-six of them. As of today I have thirty-one in the ground, with fifteen remaining.

I quit at this number because the wind picked up, making it quite difficult. In fact, I now see there is a wind advisory for the area. On the internet I read,
"West to northwest winds sustained from 25 to 35 mph... frequent gusts up to 45 mph are expected for much of the rest of today. . .Reports of some trees and power lines being blown down have already been received... and additional trees and power lines may be blown down by the winds for the rest of today across the entire advisory area. Anyone on area lakes this morning across east central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin should seek shelter and prepare for the onset of strong west to northwest winds by midday.

A Wind Advisory means that sustained winds of at least 30 mph are expected for more than 1 hour. Winds this strong can make driving difficult... especially for high profile vehicles. Use extra caution.

One of the cedars I put in the ground went on the northern property line, while the rest were all placed on the southern border. I am very, happy that I only lost one cedar from last years planting and have now replaced it. I expected to lose more.

The trees I spoke of yesterday are in the ground, also. One is a Royal Red Maple. This too, is a replacement plant. It replaces a Northwood Red Maple, which I planted two years ago (pre-dating this blog). The rabbits ate the bark off the lower couple of feet and killed it. I have learned from this aggrivating incident and my current trees have protection in place.

The other tree I planted was a Bergeson Ash. This went in the backyard. I guess this is sort of a replacement tree, also, as I have been cutting out a lot of pine trees from the yard. I have many, many conifers in the yard and comparatively few deciduous trees. I am aiming for more of the deciduous type and here is a start.

All of these plants will be a welcome addition to my little domain. If only I could get them fifteen remaining cedars in the ground.

A photo is still hence coming, once all of the plants are in the ground.

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