Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Give A Makeover with Paint Shop Pro

I tried Corel's 'Give a Makeover - It's Easy! ' tutorial and found they were correct - it is easy. I used their photo, for the first time, as I didn't want to offend anyone I know.

This tutorial is like four mini tutorials in one. It has to do with making over a subject in a portrait or any photo with people, for that matter. It leads you through the 'Retouch and Restore' section where you then find the Makeover button. Clicking here, you are then able to use the Blemish Fixer (easy), the Toothbrush for whitening teeth (easy), the Skin Smoothing Tool (easy), and finally the Suntan Tool (moderately easy, depending on your photo).

Quick and easy (is this getting monotonous) fixes all, for any of the subjects that may need a little touch up. Give these tools a try.

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