Thursday, November 29, 2007

Add A Caption 41

Who has a caption for this pick?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Music Trivia 25

Last week HighPower correctly said...

Eric Clapton, not always known for his blue as much as his other style of music....

Although, I must disagree with the later part of his answer. Eric Clapton's musical style has varied greatly throughout his career but, it has always remained rooted in the blues.

Now for this weeks trivia -

In 1979 Whitesnake did their first live album which included the song "Mistreated".

Ive been mistreated, Ive been abused.
Ive been struck downhearted, baby, Ive been confused
cause I know, yes, I know Ive been mistreated.
Since my baby left me Ive been losing my mind, you know I have.

Ive been lonely, Ive been cold.
Ive been looking for a woman to have and hold
cause I know, yes, I know Ive been mistreated.
Since my baby left me Ive been losing, Ive been losing,
Ive been losing my mind, baby baby babe.

Ive been mistreated, Ive been abused.
Ive been looking for a woman, yeh, Ive been confused
cause I know, yes, I know Ive been mistreated, ooh o-o-oh.
Since my baby left me Ive been losing, losing,
Ive been losing my mind, baby baby babe.
Oh oh oh, oh woman, oh woman, oh woman.

Ive been losing my mind.

Who was the lead singer and from what English hard rock band (who first recorded "Mistreated") did he come from?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Omphaloskepis 15

Who was the first person to say, "See that turkey there? I think I'll eat it after giving thanks for having the opportunity to to stuff it's butt with dried bread and such."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tragic Internet Deception

A very, sad story today has touched my emotions and peaked my anger. Please, guide your children but, don't live for them.

Web Hoax Victim's Family Seeks Reforms
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 7:21am ST. CHARLES, Mo.

An Internet hoax that ended with the suicide of a 13-year-old has led to calls from her family for better protections against online harassment, though any solution may run afoul of the First Amendment.

Megan Meier, 13, hanged herself Oct. 16, 2006, just minutes after receiving mean messages on the social networking Web site MySpace. She died the next day.

Megan's parents learned about six weeks after her death that their daughter, who thought she was communicating online with a 16-year-old boy, was being deceived. The boy was created by a mother down the street who wanted to know what Megan was saying about her own daughter, who had had a falling out with Megan.

Lt. Craig McGuire of the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department said authorities could not find a crime to charge anyone with in Megan's case.

"How do you legislate bad behavior?" he asked.

Megan's family wants reforms that would make it illegal for adults to misrepresent themselves to children online and make it illegal to harass or bully online.

Aldermen in Dardenne Prairie, the Meiers' hometown of about 7,000 residents about 35 miles from St. Louis, have proposed a new ordinance related to child endangerment and Internet harassment. And Republican Rep. Cynthia Davis, a state lawmaker who represents the area, said she is trying to see if existing Missouri laws can be improved.

But, she noted, any legal reforms must protect freedom of speech rights. And federal reform might be more appropriate since someone from outside the state could interact with Missouri children online, she said.

Even so, it's hard to know what would work as a response to Megan's situation, Davis said. "This girl was not threatened on the Internet. Somebody said some things that were extremely horrid," she said.

What happened to Megan isn't just awful, it ought to be criminal, her mother, Tina Meier, said Monday.

"You cannot, absolutely cannot, as an adult, pose as a 16-year-old boy on a computer and play games with someone," Meier, 37, told The Associated Press.

"If there's not a law out there to punish someone for that, that's despicable," she said.

Tina Meier, who acknowledges she let her daughter open a MySpace account before she was 14 as the Web site requires, said she monitored her daughter's activities, logging on for her daughter and using software that was designed to capture Megan's communications online.

MySpace did not comment specifically on Meier's case, but an employee said the site does have information about keeping teens safe online, with guidelines for what people can do if they feel they are being bullied.

Meier said more needs to be done to protect children.

"We want the law to change so this doesn't happen again," she said.

My question is this - what is an adult doing on MySpace playing games like this. Perhaps her mental and/or emotional development is equivalent to these early-teen children she is playing mental games with. I guess some adults never grow up. Some parents don't know the difference between supervising their children's activity during their growing years and meddling or living their lives for them, or even sometimes through them. This woman now has to live with the consequences of her actions and with her arrested mental development I hope she can handle it.

In the end, my prayers go out to the Meier family.


Concern For Prison Morale

Monday, November 19, 2007

Scenes From A Redneck County

Prepping for the winter season

Music Trivia 24

Time to change it up a bit. We're going to take a stab at the blues!

Here is a song that was covered by at least two blues masters. Man, I love the blues!

The song was written by Willie Dixon and Al Perkins and starts -

I think I'm leaving in the morning,
All your crying won't help you now.
I think I'm leaving in the morning baby, yeah,
All your crying won't help you now.
But the whole time I was with you baby,
Everybody, everybody knowed you weren't no good no how.

What song is this and name at least one of it's performers?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recognized at Unique's Photo Challenge

Seems I got a 'Noteworthy Mention' over at Unique's Photo Challenge for this photo. I submitted it for their 'Retro' Challenge. Thanks for the recognition.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Back!

Well, I'm finally back.

First, let me apologize. In my hurry to get out the door to my annual hunting retreat, I neglected to place a post announcing the same. It was a very, harried evening when I took off to the hunting shack and I was in great fear of leaving an essential piece of equipment behind (I know - excuses, excuses). I am sorry for not posting that I would be away for a while. Anyway, all is well now and I shall resume my blogging habits, for better or worse.

I have noticed that, well I was gone, Sunni Kay has tagged me with a meme. Sorry Sunni, as much time has elapsed since you tagged me. I do not know what kind of time restrictions there are on such things, as I HAVE NEVER BEEN TAGGED BEFORE. I will check your site and see what this is about. If it is not too late I will possibly play this meme, otherwise thanks for the tag anyhow.

I must check out Sunni's site now and see what's up. I must, also, check out the other typical blog reads that I have not read in my absence. I must, also, check out a ton of email that didn't seem to mind that I was gone hunting. Then it's back to posting here, as time allows (my work schedule is getting real hectic) and the mood strikes. Wow, what a thing to come back to after vacation - things at work are getting extremely chaotic. I think I need another vacation!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sony A700 Tips

Sony Has Firmware Upgrade For The A700

Sony has released an updated firmware for the DSLR-A700 camera, as well as updates for the Image Data Converter and Image Data Lightbox bundled software applications.

The camera firmware update improves image sharpness and reduces noise under certain circumstances. It also improves flash control at very short distances with non-ADI control lenses. The updates for the bundled software applications correct the functioning of such features as image display and file type indication. These updates relate only to early production Firmware �Ver.1� models, which were manufactured through early October. Firmware �Ver.2� models (press Menu & Display together to check) already include this upgrade. Although these improvements are subtle, it is recommended that customers make the update to improve the camera and application software performance.

Add A Caption 40

Who has a caption for this pic?

Good Living Homes said...
Nobody calls in walleyes like him!

I guess that works.

Enlisted New Photo Assistant

While on a photo shoot last august, I desperately needed someone to hold and aim a reflector for a macro shot I stumbled upon. I was by myself and I had no stands or other equipment which could hold a reflector. I poured myself some coffee and sat back to mull the problem over. As I slowly sipped on my hot drink, over the rim of my cup I noticed a couple of local squirrels scurrying about. That's it, I though and with much persuasion I was able to enlist the help of one of the critters! Thank God it was a macro shot because he had some serious height limitations. At any rate, I would like to give acclaim to this squirrel, as the photo I produced that day would not have been successful without him. This shows what a little persistence and ingenuity can accomplish. Thank you, again, squirrel.