Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Going Cellular ! !

What a deal. What a deal.

I carried the same freebie cell phone for about six years. Never a problem of any kind. So now, I decide to upgrade. I had to have one of them fancy Bluetooth models. I do my usual research on the web, comparing features of the various models and reading the reviews. I found the perfect phone for me. Next, down to my local retailer I go. I am quite put off by the price and almost leave empty handed. Finally, I suck in some air and make the deal, which includes a new contract. I head home to input all of my data into this new gee-wiz gadget. I even had my daughter inserting some info, as she is plenty familiar with phones.

The following day my wife suggests I purchase a protective carrying case for the new communicator. She felt it needed as much security as we could give it, considering the monetary output involved. We go down to the local Wal-Mart and painstakingly choose a holster which would offer the most protection. Both in terms of padding and holding it securely to my waist. She was as concerned with it's potential loss as she was in fear of it taking a hard blow. We choose the best one available and head home with more peace of mind. This would probably have sufficed for most, but two days later she surprises me with another case. It seems she found another one offering even greater protection.

Everyone, by now, knows where I'm going with this little story. Yup. About two weeks later I'm in my truck heading south out of town. About an hour into my ride, I notice my new phone is missing. The little, female end to my case is sitting safely on my waist. The important half is not there. I pull over and thoroughly search the truck. Nope, not here. Visions, quickly, enter my head. It must be lying in the large parking lot at work, waiting patiently for a large truck to drive over it. I'm too far along to turn back. I better call and have someone search the lot for me. Dumb. I have no phone. Sometime later, I find a pay phone (has anyone noticed, they used to be very common before cell phones became popular) and make the call. I expected the worst. Well, nobody had found it. The rest of my run had me in a sour mood.

Long hours later, I arrive back in town. I inquire at the guard shack. No phone turned in to them. I ask at the garage, ditto. I fruitlessly scour the parking lot. My last hope was the dispatch office. "Sure we have it but, it don't look pretty." And pretty it was not!

I returned home and relayed the tale to my wife. I told her "screw it, I don't need a phone". She calmly reminded me that I would be paying on my new service contract whether I had carried a phone or not.

Off I go, back to my local provider. Keep in mind , I'm pissed that I have to put out $100.00 again, so soon. So soon! And I had my freebie phone for six years. The nice clerk told me that even that was not going to happen. He explained the $100.00 was not repeatable. I only received that price because I signed a new contract. "Look, the ink on that contact is barley dry", I said, "can't you just cut me some slack." Nothing doing. "OK, it's so new, let's just tear it up and I'll sign a new one." This would have been in their favor, to a degree, because this would be extending the contract (albeit barely). I was politely told this would not be possible. The cost would almost be double that of my original transaction. I'm pissed by now and almost don't make a purchase, again. For better or worse I break down and buy the second fancy, bluetooth all-in-one wonder. And you probably think this is the end of the story.

What transpired about two hours ago, compelled me to put this ranting on my blog. I returned to this same place where the first phone was destroyed. I went inside to clock out and what did I notice. Right! Now this phone was missing! I run back out to the parking lot to save my second phone before it too was driven over. I retraced my steps and there several yards away was a black item in the snow. Is that it? Is it still functioning? I continue my jog and find that it is indeed my phone. Upon examination it's OK. Whew!

That last thing I did before sitting down to this computer is to toss the damn holster into the trash. I'm going to keep my precious in my pocket for now.

By the way, when I was plowing snow yesterday, the winch cable broke on my ATV. That wouldn't be terrible in itself but, it's the third breakage in a short time frame. There must be a more serious underlying cause. But, that's another story.

Monday, February 27, 2006

GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation

GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation

If anyone is interested here is some info and scheduling for shooting matches which GSSF is promoting. Should be a good time for all. Click on the above link and check out match schedules.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Paint Shop Pro Users Group: An Online Community for users of Paint Shop Pro

I've recently joined this users group - Paint Shop Pro Users Group: An Online Community for users of Paint Shop Pro

I am hoping that this group will help me learn this excellent program faster. I have been teaching myself as time allowed. Maybe this will speed up the process. There are many awesome members at this site. They are very helpful, especially to newcomers like myself.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Caught my friend in action. This was a good day. Hope to go riding again soon.

Humble Beginings

Day one, minute one. We will see where this goes.