Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sandstone County * Episode Fifty-Eight

Sandstone County Sheriffs Department - To Serve, To Protect, To Get Rid of All Dirtbag Criminals by 2026

Officer Hidrent is once again setting his priorities. It seems things have been slow in Sandstone County lately, and he started perusing some important cold case files, after an evening of watching a TV show of the same name. The popular TV show has given him the bug.

After, scouring through hundreds of files he selected the 'Case of the Ironman Poodle'. Of all that he studied, this is the file he deemed most important.

About 50 years ago (we have been unable to obtain the exact date) a visiting citizen had left her poodle tied to a parking meter on Main Street. During her shopping spree the pooch managed to damage some city property, namely the parking meter. A local resident managed to snap a picture of the event, as it happened. She sent the photo to the local newspaper which published it the following week. When the mayor saw the photo he went wild and demanded the legal authorities contact the responsible party. Of course, the visitor was long gone, by the time all this expired and the culprit was never caught.

Today, Officer Hidrent is on the job. His superiors say he is very, dedicated to this case and assure us that dilegence is the word for a case this important. Officer Hidrent himself was not available for comment.

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