Monday, August 28, 2006

Season Finale of the 4400

The season for the 4400 just ended and it looks like season four is a reality. Sweet.

I will not go into much plot detail as all you need to know can be found here. I will comment on the re-taking of Alana, though, because I have heard many people questioning her new disappearance. My theory is that she was snatched for her 'attempted' interfering in the interrogation of Shawn. Even though, she did not get the chance to do this it is clear that she agreed to give it a try. I think this was not in the cards and it possibly angered the powers that be. Perhaps this was not part of her intended purpose and she was recalled for a little tweaking or maybe even a little punishment. Just a thought.

There were many plot twists, as one would expect here, but the ending was simply masterful. Kevin turns, looks directly at the TV viewer (aka you and I) and very directly poses the big question - Would you take the shot? We are given the opportunity to take the promicin serum, which will either give you 'a 4400 power' (telekinesis, precognitive visions, the ability to heal or drain life, etc) or kill you with a massive brain hemorrhage. The odds of one or the other happening are exactly fifty (50) percent.

Do you want the shot?

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