Monday, June 18, 2007

The 4400 Season Premeire - Season 4

I excitedly watched the season premiere of The 4400. This is the fourth season of this great story and if you haven't seen this show it is a must. Put it on your to-do list now!

I have been anticipating the return (no pun intended) of The 4400 since last season's finale. Last season, as you would expect, was a cliff-hanger that left many questions unanswered. Well, you don't see many answers here -yet. And you shouldn't. What we received with this episode (The Wrath of Graham), as with all episodes, are even more unanswered questions. Like what will Kyle's power be? Or what is the future of Shawn? Actually, there are numerous questions to be answered this season and hopefully many seasons to come.

All these plot twists and character developments are quite exciting to me. It is nearly infinite with plot possibilities and our star characters have so much to reveal, let alone the limitless variations we will be seeing with new characters yet to be introduced. Also, the creative introduction of new powers is absolutely boundless. As intriguing as all this stuff is, this is not what keeps me dedicated to this program. What then has made such a fan of me? It is the unique scenario instilled in the storyline of not knowing the good guys from the bad guys!

Has a show been created before where you don't know who to root for? Maybe, but it's never been done this well. Are 'the 4400' good or evil? Do we rally behind them or behind the government? Is Jordan Collier a messiah or a devil? Or neither? Is promicin good or bad? Will it help or hinder mankind? Is humankind going to be destroyed, saved, or what? And what is the impetus behind 'the 4400' to begin with? I can't wait to get more confused as the season goes along.

Have you taken your PROMICIN yet?

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