Monday, June 04, 2007

Rich Deny Public Access To Public Lands

There are some rich snobs that are never satisfied. They want it all! They want everything.

Here's a quote from today's Associated Press -

"Before getting to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, it helps to know a few things about the law _ and the locals. While California's Coastal Act of 1976 ensures beach access, the rich and famous who want to keep the state's dramatic coast exclusive have been posting bogus "no parking" and "private beach" signs here and elsewhere.

They've done it so effectively in Malibu for so long that unfortunate beachgoers occasionally get ticketed."

In my hometown, my niece was once threatened with a hefty fine for leaving a garage sale sign up too long on a public intersection. I can go along with this regulation but, now let's contrast these two situations. We have a relatively minor offense with a substantial fine (to her budget) and almost guaranteed enforcement. In California the well-to-do are placing signs which clearly effect our rights! Illegal signs fabricating ownership of public lands and there are no fines imposed because there is no enforcement. Reminder - these are public lands they are posting.

Now, imagine you have waited all year for a little vacation from work. You have scrimped, saved, and stretched your budget because you are not one of the elite living on exclusive coastline property. You pack your luggage and family into whatever transportation you intend to use and head down America's great highway. You travel up to 4,000 miles with smiles and visions of the great sunsets and beauties you are finally going to experience. You have an idea what it might look like because you've salivated at all the beautiful photos, for the past couple of years, in the travel magazines. Now it's your turn to see it in person. To feel the salt air against your face and the sand between your toes. You've seen the pictures and saw some sites on TV but, until you feel it and taste it you have not experienced it. Ah, hours if not days later, you finally arrive.


Sorry kids. Maybe mommy and daddy will take you to the, ah, . . . the mall. I know, I know!

Bad enough the financially elite should own most of the prime real estate in our country but, their greed pushes them to control even the property they don't own. What a travesty. Now, I'm a conservative and strongly believe in reaping the benefits of your labor but not at someone else's expense. Take what you've earned but, dammit don't take what's mine.

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