Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some in Minnesota Back Higher Gas Tax

Well, communist-leaning Minnesota is at it again. Minnesota lawmakers are trying to invoke a new gas tax. What timing. The price of gasoline is soaring higher than ever before and they want to add to the problem. I thought our elected leaders were placed in their positions to solve problems. Some states which don't lean so much to the left are actually supplying relief to their drivers. Texas and Connecticut, for example, are proposing tax holidays for their summer months. Minnesota has proven again, however, that it just loves taxing it's residents.

Governor Pawlenty has vetoed the evil plan but, an override is still possible. With the current gas tax being at 22 cents/gallon, this legislation would bring it to 27 cents or higher. Thanks guys.


Anderson Nation said...

What I can't figure out, is that nearly everyone I talk to bitches about the stupid things the legislators are doing like this. Then they turn around and vote them back in. Or worse yet, they don't vote at all. I bet every one of those dumb bastards that hate Pawlenty all cashed their real estate rebates last year. They bitch about nearly everything, but when it's time for payouts, they're first in line.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This country needs an enema. It's seriously past due for a complete revolution. Does anyone remember why America was formed in the first place? Anyone? Anyone? The English government was too damn powerful, taxing, and restrictive. Hmmmm, sound familiar? Time to get off our lazy, self-absorbed overweight, (sorry, that's too politically correct for me or this site.) Time to get off our lazy, fat asses and do something productive about it and not sit back and bitch about other people not running you life as well as you'd like!
This is not a paid promotional advertisement. The views and opinions expressed by this commentator are true and correct. If your opinion differs from those of this commentator, shoot yourself. You are part of the problem, and are no longer welcome to share the planet that God gave to me.

The Gamin said...

This state keeps voting the incumbent liberals in and yes they bitch, but evidently not enough. Why they vote that way - who knows?

Anderson Nation said...

That's my point exactly. I believe that most people don't even know for sure which party most accurately represents their beliefs. Many people I talk to are very conservative, and yet vote liberally, simply out of ignorance. That is the most dangerous vote there is, is the uneducated vote. If you are unsure how you stand, there is a simple test on which will tell you very accurately whether you are a conservative or a liberal. It takes seconds to read a few simple questions and answer them as to how you believe. You need not enter any personal information or even answer the questions online. It's simply informative. See how you stack up, and compare it to the people you have been voting for. You may be surprised!