Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reality TV For Everyone

I can honestly state that I don't watch reality TV. I know there are many closet reality watches which enjoy these programs in secret but, I don't see the allure of them. I've seen 'The Amazing Race' a few times and it was somewhat entertaining but, that's about it. I've never seen 'Big Brother'. Not one time. Not even one minute. I believe this is the show that started it all. I simply have no interest in this type of . . . entertainment. Entertainment?

Well, I guess many do watch reality TV or they wouldn't keep producing them. And produce them they do. Since the creation of this crap there has been a massive invasion of more and more reality for our idiot boxes. They have reality shows for just about everything and everyone. What, you haven't had enough yet? You need a show which appeals directly to you? There is a new one coming your way. Maybe this program will keep you glued to your television.

I've got a great and creative idea for a new show. How about a show on kidney transplants? No, not a documentary of the surgery but, something more riveting. Stay with me now. Picture this - a terminally ill woman will select one of three patients to receive her kidneys! That should work for ya.

She will make her choice based on the contestants' history, profile and conversation with their family and friends.

Viewers will also be able to send in their advice by text message during the 80-minute show. Yup, 80 minutes. We all know a 60 minute program just wouldn't be enough!

Ah, damn! Someone beat me to it! Wouldn't you know. I guess I'm not they only creative guy around. It turns out that Dutch television is way ahead of me. Wait, wait! There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding this program over there. Perhaps, I still could sell this idea to Hollywood. Surely, we here in America can see the need for this stuff. Hell, we don't have enough good entertainment on our televisions yet. We need more reality and this could help fill the void. I know I'm onto something here.

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