Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Illegals - Don't Rally!

A collaboration of writers have penned a story for AP yesterday entitled, "Immigration Rallies Planned Nationwide". When I first started reading the article I was ok with it. I feel all citizens have the right to protest. Then I was reminded of last years demonstrations when reading, " . . . some illegal immigrants wore T-shirts saying "I'm illegal. So what?" This is what really bothers me. In my opinion these illegals have no right to protest. If legal immigrants want to demonstrate, or otherwise use the system, to fight on behalf of others, I am ok with this. Citizens have this right, illegals do not.
To be fair, the article states that, "many immigrants are now afraid to speak out in public." This is reportedly because of the raids on illegals in recent months. This is fine with me. Stay home illegals. Not that you're at a legal home! If you like America so well, let the American system work for you, don't debase her more than you have.

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