Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Government is Not the Answer

The push is on, again, since the Virginia Tech incident. Every new shooting is cause for the debate to resurface. Both sides have made their points, as they always have. For those that feel that stricter gun control is the answer just remember, Virginia Tech did have a gun control policy in effect at the time of the shooting.

“The university’s employees, students, and volunteers,
or any visitor or other third party

attending a sporting, entertainment, or educational event,
or visiting an academic or

administrative office building or residence hall,
are further prohibited from carrying,

maintaining, or storing a firearm or weapon
on any university facility, even if the owner

has a valid permit, when it is not required
by the individual’s job, or in accordance with

the relevant University Student Life Policies.”
source:- ttachmentG.pdf

Now I suggest that, the policy did nothing for the students at the university. Why do people feel that legislating law is a panacea for all their woes? This is a dangerous position to hold. What disturbs me more, in these cases, is that people always want the government to hold their hands and coddle them. More laws are not always the answer and more government is definitely not the answer. The government can not always be there for you. Of course, I've even heard people blaming Bush for the events at Virginia Tech. Wake up people! There are hundred of thousands of laws on the books and we still have crimes. We still have murders. We have shooting sprees in spite of the fact it is illegal. Imagine that. I can't even count how many speeders I saw on the Interstate yesterday. Hey, I thought speeding was illegal!

Before anyone gets angry and infers that I don't believe in laws and I'm advocating for anarchy, I'm not. I do believe in laws and I do believe in government. I'm simply suggesting that the government is not your babysitter and the government is not a catch-all solution for all of your problems. We live in an imperfect world and it will always be so. Sorry. Sure subjects should be debated, that is obviously necessary. At times, laws should occasionally and very carefully be crafted but, we have far too many rules and regulations now. Let's look for the underlying causes for problems instead. Or should we ban SUVs next time one of them (sic) goes on a killing spree. Oops, I hope I didn't stir up this debate again. And we've all heard it before but, it makes the most sense of all the catch phrases concerned with gun control - Guns don't kill people, people do.

Many of you will still say this is one of those times we need legislation. After all, there are lives at stake here and if we only ban guns we'll be alright. It doesn't work that way. I've seen the comparison, many times, to countries that legislate gun rights away from it's citizenry. It just doesn't work! I've read a lot on the web on how crazy Americans are for allowing guns. They state they don't have shootings in their countries. This is just plain wrong. If you check out Two Angry Brits: The gun ban isn't working, you will see yet another example of how banning guns has failed. Don't tell me that eliminating guns from law abiding citizens will stop homicides. People will always find the ways and means to kill other people. Cain and Abel didn't have handguns, as far as I know, yet the taking of another life was started right then and there. Laws or no laws, I don't see man abusing man ending any time soon, do you?


Sunni Kay said...

Great post! Very well said, and all very true. Regarding guns and if they kill people or people kill people...You should stop in a read about an experiment I conducted. I am sure the results will shock you.

The Gamin said...

Great experiment, Sunni. They say for an experiment to be truly valid it should be repeatable. Therefore I will attempt to redo your experiment under controlled conditions. Furthermore, I will get my gun-toting friends, cousins, and brothers to do the same. Wish us luck.
Anyone else interested in the experiment, this is what she did, "left my gun in the drawer next to bed and it was fully loaded. Guess what! It did not kill anyone! It didn't even go off once! The following weekend at target practice it hit everything I aimed it at when I pulled the trigger."
After repeating this experiment I recommend everyone go to her great blog and get educated.

Anderson Nation said...

I have duplicated this test many times, and in fact have a session going right now. So far to date, my carry weapon has not hurt anyone. Right now, it is sitting loaded, unlocked, uncased and in a holster. It is sitting in the open, atop my reloading bench in the bedroom. It may be tempted at times, but hasn't yet hurt anybody.
I also wanted to take the experiment a step farther. I have 9 other guns that I (foolishly?) allow to consort together within the confines of my gun safe. The safe is regularly open, or at least unlocked. I do lock it at night and when we leave, but I like to allow them their freedom. I have a four year old daughter and an eleven year old son. They each have their own guns. Yes, the little girl too. She has a cute little pink .22 rifle. She shoots it herself. It hasn't revolted, or even tempted her to disobey the rules.
I was initially worried that putting so many firearms together in a closed space would make them feel like inmates in a penal colony, rather than a valuable member of a family and society. They have not conspired to comit any crimes. They have not rioted. In fact it's pretty rare that I hear them say anything at all. Usually they just bark when I say bark. However, they have each silently vowed to me to protect me, my family, my home, and everyone and everthing I love. Occasionally, I think I hear something coming from that corner of the room. I turn down the T.V. and cock my ear to the direction and listen intently.... I can just barely hear it through the thick steel door, but I can just make out the tune, "Oh say can you see....."

The Gamin said...

Very well put and a thorough, fruitful experiment. I, too, have seen the same results with my handgun (and other firearms) after a week long test. I even tempted it once by placing in front of my large picture window all day, facing the street where many known liberal lunatics drive by. These liberal loonies are the ultimate test you know!
Now if people could only get their beloved SUVs under control.