Monday, April 23, 2007


"mimobots are silicon-based inhabitants from the planet blõôh in galaxy 4210 and are as old as time itself. Each one experienced a ‘flash event’ (different depending on the individual ‘bot) that wiped its memory and left it confused and ill. Fortunately, the ‘maddest genius’ of blõôh, Knowledgeus, devised a way to restore the poor ill mimobots’ memories: by sending clones of the stricken ‘bots to Earth, where the kindly humans would share their data with the clones. This data, while being protected for the humans—this is a symbiotic relationship, after all—would also be sent back to RALF computer on blõôh and used to restore the memories of the original mimobot and nurse it back to health."

Mimobots are a line of Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drives. With their cute toy like structures, animal designs, and bright colors, Mimobots bring life to the everyday USB stick. They are all hi-speed USB2.0, Mac and Windows compatible, and range from 256 MB to 4 GB. These little guys are also preloaded with extra goodies such as games, music, and animated content. These tiny technology toys cost from $44.95 to $169.95.

These babies were first created in 2005. Having just discovered these gadgets tonight, I realize how behind the times I must be. These USB flash drives not only hold data, but are designed by talented illustrators from around the globe. They have really taken off in the right crowds and have very, much become collectibles. They are produced in limited numbers with new ones constantly being introduced. The latest creations are a Star Wars Series and they even have a series which comes blank. I guess the consumer supplies his own talent and artwork.

Mimobots bring the old Fez candy/toy creations (I think they were called Fez) to my mind and I guess these, too, are sought out by collectors. The Fez candies never had a storyline, though, nor did they serve such a noble purpose. I believe these drives will have a market and following for many years to come. Although, I have never personally seen a Mimobot there must be a hoard of geeks floating around somewhere sporting these flashy flashes.

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