Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here is an email I received lately. This email made me think hard about everyday life Se
e what you get out of it.

I met this man.. who at 26 have accomplished more than most 40-year olds have. He can be simply described in two words. Workaholic Geek. And that's a big compliment.

He came from a simple family, studied in the province and earned his degree and his first work there. Let's just say he had a big break at an early age, and grabbed all opportunities to learn and earn. He worked in different countries, enhancing his craft. Presently, he handles several independent projects and is employed under 3 different companies. At one of his jobs, he arrives hours before his shift and leaves at even more hours after.

Not personally knowing him tho, he's often seen untalkative but he can easily be seen smiling at anyone, firm but soft spoken, and when it comes to his duties, he's really dedicated and highly analytical.

He may have all the success anyone couldn't even imagine of attaining.. but I'm afraid he has left something important behind . . .



Anderson Nation said...

I have personally looked into the prospects of working for a living, and while my family seems to hold it in high regard, I personally, don't see any future in it.

The Gamin said...

Never mess with 'da family'.