Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Braking News

I think more and more about going to a Mac. I reformatted my Windows XP recently after having lots of problems. It didn't take long, at all, before problems and annoyances paid me a new visit. When one spends more time as a computer tech than as a computer user something is wrong. Imagine this scenario with ones automobile (more time playing mechanic than driving). It just doesn't seem right. I have all the protections in place, too. I have a robust firewall, spam blockers, virus protection, spyware protection, etc. to the point of excessive redundancy.

Now some say theses problems are over. The NEW windows is here! Is Windows Vista the answer for security problems? Probably not. Just check out - Braking News and see what you think. I would like to hear opinions on this.


msquared said...

Well I've been a long time Mac user, it's been the only platform that I've used. I love my Mac and everything about it. I've recently been forced to use a PC at times due to school projects and I just don't like the Windows OS it jus tseems so backwards and not user friendly. Now from what I've heard Windows Vista is just implementing a lot of features that us Mac users have been using for years. Also a new Mac OS is coming out sometime this year which I'm sure will mac Vista pale in comparision.

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The Gamin said...

I pretty sure I'm going with a Mac this time around. I'm just waiting on that new OS.