Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Back!

Well, I'm finally back.

First, let me apologize. In my hurry to get out the door to my annual hunting retreat, I neglected to place a post announcing the same. It was a very, harried evening when I took off to the hunting shack and I was in great fear of leaving an essential piece of equipment behind (I know - excuses, excuses). I am sorry for not posting that I would be away for a while. Anyway, all is well now and I shall resume my blogging habits, for better or worse.

I have noticed that, well I was gone, Sunni Kay has tagged me with a meme. Sorry Sunni, as much time has elapsed since you tagged me. I do not know what kind of time restrictions there are on such things, as I HAVE NEVER BEEN TAGGED BEFORE. I will check your site and see what this is about. If it is not too late I will possibly play this meme, otherwise thanks for the tag anyhow.

I must check out Sunni's site now and see what's up. I must, also, check out the other typical blog reads that I have not read in my absence. I must, also, check out a ton of email that didn't seem to mind that I was gone hunting. Then it's back to posting here, as time allows (my work schedule is getting real hectic) and the mood strikes. Wow, what a thing to come back to after vacation - things at work are getting extremely chaotic. I think I need another vacation!

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