Thursday, November 01, 2007

Enlisted New Photo Assistant

While on a photo shoot last august, I desperately needed someone to hold and aim a reflector for a macro shot I stumbled upon. I was by myself and I had no stands or other equipment which could hold a reflector. I poured myself some coffee and sat back to mull the problem over. As I slowly sipped on my hot drink, over the rim of my cup I noticed a couple of local squirrels scurrying about. That's it, I though and with much persuasion I was able to enlist the help of one of the critters! Thank God it was a macro shot because he had some serious height limitations. At any rate, I would like to give acclaim to this squirrel, as the photo I produced that day would not have been successful without him. This shows what a little persistence and ingenuity can accomplish. Thank you, again, squirrel.

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