Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sekonic L-308S Flashmate arrives

After receiving my Alien Bee monolights I discovered the lack of an external light meter was really going to be annoying. So, I put off using my 'Bees' any further and started researching light meters. After checking out several reviews and surveying my needs I decided on the Sekonic L-308s. It seemed to be exactly what I needed and the reviews for it were great.

I then purchased the meter online from OneCall (see sidebar). They had a fantastic price and their reputation was good. My meter arrived on my doorstep yesterday. OneCall promised my order would arrive in three (3) days. I was pleasantly surprised when it was at my door in two (2) days. Usually, I'm waiting for late packages. Kudos to OneCall for their excellent service.

I can't wait to put my monolight through it's paces in conjunction with this new meter. Sadly, work prohibits me from doing this right away but, come Sunday things are going to happen. Perhaps after the weekend I will post some shots with this new equipment. Don't expect them to be artistic in nature, as initially the work will be experimental. I'm sure I have to learn the nuances of these new pieces of equipment. I can't wait!

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