Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Numbers USA

The topic of immigration and illegal aliens has been a hot one across the nation, as it should be. It should have been the hot topic a long time ago. Today the United States is in a real crisis over this, and nothing less. Concerned citizens need to wake up. Wake up now! If you are as concerned with the immigration debacle as I am then you need to visit this site. Numbers USA. They bill themselves the "immigration-reduction organization." Very noble. This site lays out the problem, boldly proclaims who is responsible, and then shows all concerned U.S. citizens what they can do to fight this disaster. They even have a mechanism on their site for sending a free fax to the president and members of congress so you can have a say in how our great country can remain that way. Check it out now! And don't complain if you don't participate.


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