Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sony A700 Finally Arrives

Now that Sony has finally announced the release of the A700, I am compelled to make an announcement of my own -

To anyone who is properly concerned, if you are willing to send me this new camera please contact me for my shipping address. She will be graciously accepted and used frequently. I will provide a good home for the precious A700 and give her all the care and support she so truly deserves.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday. Perhaps he should consider buying me this camera for his birthday? It would make a great gift.


Anderson Nation said...

I damn near picked it up for you today, but then I noticed at the last second, the "humor" label on your post. Good one!

The Gamin said...

The 'humor' label simply referred to your predictive reaction. Meaning, it is kind of laughable when you can't even step up to the plate, here and do the right thing.