Saturday, April 01, 2006

Immigration Solution - Abolish The EOIR!

United States immigration policy is in the news a lot lately and it's time to add my thoughts on the subject. First, it should stay in this nations focus until some results are seen. It should be one of our greatest priorities. Illegal immigration hurts American workers. Now don't go telling me that I'm a racist, as I know many of those opposed to the proper restructuring of immigration policies often use these smear tactics. This is not a racial issue at all. It is simply a mater of doing what is right for the country. We should not be rewarding the illegal influx into America with amnesty and/or citizenship. The key word here is illegal and those who argue that we were all immigrants seem to ignore this glaring difference.

I have no problem with people entering this country legally and even becoming citizens, if that is what they desire. However, what is the use in having a legal society if the laws are meaningless. What kind of message are we sending the world today? You can ignore our laws because we won't bother to enforce them? If some of them are needed here temporarily, fine. A minimal guest worker program might make sense. But all out amnesty is totally ignorant. We must seal up our borders and absolutely and strictly enforce our immigration laws.

And for the real facts and solutions to our immigrant problem you must check out the following site, as it opens the eyes and breaks things down much more thoroughly than I have time for. 12/06/05 - Abolish The EOIR! Juan Mann's Absolutely Definitive Essay

Within their web page they state, "The EOIR is a little-known federal agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, It comprises the nationwide U.S. Immigration Court system and its appellate body, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) in Falls Church, Virginia. The EOIR is the centerpiece of a largely unknown de facto stealth permanent amnesty and non-deportation program for illegal aliens and criminal alien residents."

Have you even heard of the EOIR. The government at it's best again.

They, also, explain the problem with the closing of our borders. "the EOIR process is the major reason that the federal government remains paralyzed in confronting the millions of illegal aliens and criminal alien residents running free in the United States, despite the supposed intent of policy, and the existence of at least somewhat appropriate laws.

Congress can threaten to "close the border" all it wants, but as long as the EOIR remains in place, all is well for open borders. The system will remain sabotaged behind the scenes."

Let's clean up our system. Truly close our borders once and for all. Make sure our laws are meaningful and the positively enforce the laws of our nation.

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