Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring or Not?

Is it spring yet? In my part of the world we generally get excited when we see the first Robin in our yard. To us this usually denotes the yearly genesis of spring. Well, I have seen my first Robin today only about an hour ago. Yet, I contrast that against my workday and I become confused (some say this comes quite easily for me). In all my journeys this winter I have not gotten my vehicle stuck even once. Until today that is. With the nasty weather we received last night and this morning I was able to get my truck stuck not once but three times! So, please tell me . . . is this spring or not? Ah, I guess I should not complain too loudly as I hear they received 27 inches of the cold powder just one hour to the north of me. 'Slurp.' Ah, this hot coffee sure is good. 'Slurp'. Maybe time to pour another. 'Slurp'.

Now that I think of it, I've seen ducks sitting motionless on ice covered lakes, the last two weekends in eastern North Dakota. They were probably thinking they were a little too early. I wish I could have photographed them because it was striking to see them in this predicament.

and this little bugger sat forever
(almost motionless) today on my ice covered deck


Dallas said...

Great shots of the robin and junco. Spring has finally burst down here in Atlanta.

The Gamin said...

Thank you Dallas. WE are still looking for spring. Or maybe I missed it!