Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ford's New and Revolutionary Restraint

Ford Motors have developed a new safety restraint for their vehicles (patent pending). It has been test marketed for the past six months and the results have enticed them to offer the new system in all of their '09 vehicular offerings. In the preliminary tests they have found a whopping 68% decrease in vehicle crashes that can be decidedly attributed the the proper use of this new device. Much speculation is debated about how the device actually works but, the point here is that it does work. In another clinical study, a surprise secondary benefit has been attributed to this restraint - increased emotional stability among men!

Yes, psychologists from all over the globe have found this devise, when used properly, to actually increase a man's happiness and zest for life. Some men have claimed that they haven't been this 'gleeful and optimistic' since their early youth. These astonishing results are even being obtained immediately with the very, first use. Who would have thought?

Chevrolet and others - are you listening?

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