Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gossip Is Uncontained

In a small village long ago there was a man who was a terrible gossip. He realized the error of his ways and met with the Rabbi.

"Rabbi, I need to change, I need to make things better."

The Rabbi sat and stroked his beard for a while then said, "tomorrow please come and bring your feather pillow."

The man showed up early the next morning with his feather pillow and the Rabbi said to him, "take a feather and lay it on the doorstep of every person you've spoken ill of. When you are done return to me."

The man was confused but he went about town laying feathers at the doorsteps of all those he had wronged. He returned to the Rabbi's house tired and with an empty sack that had once been a pillow.

The Rabbi said to him. "Very good. When you have collected those feathers you can be forgiven."

The man stammered, "But the wind... they have traveled... I couldn't control where they went."


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