Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sony A700 Conclusions - From Imaging Resource

Here is the final analysis from Imaging Resource on the Sony Alpha A700.

With Sony's new Alpha A700, the digital SLR camera market just got even hotter. Sony and Minolta fans have needed this camera, and Sony has delivered. The Maxxum 7D was a great design worth upgrading to keep up with advancing technology, and it seems the Sony A700 will be a more than competent contender in the market. Better, our experience says it should help photographers make great images, which is more what a camera is about than doing well in some spec comparison table.

Great control placement, a good fit, new lenses and accessories combine with improvements in the AF system, noise performance, image stabilization, and overall speed to create what should be an easy choice for enthusiasts.

We're excited to get a production version so we can see what this mature design from two of the biggest names in electronics and photography can produce.

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