Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There Are Bags For Any Purpose

Back in April I did a post on bagvertising, where you could see many artistic and clever shopping bag designs. Today, I stumbled upon something a little different in bag design at a site dedicated to the collection of airsickness bags. Yes, those little bags graciously supplied by airline carriers which are designed to catch whatever you may toss around in flight. Yes, someone collects these! There is even a name give to the collection of airline barf bags - bagophily. Those of you who don't believe me or those of you with an eye (or a stomach) for such an exciting hobby can check out this site. Personally I can't say it's too exciting.
Why this post? I did find some humor on it's opening page which attracted me. Thankfully, it was on the front page or I would never have found it. I couldn't stomach delving further into this site. No offense to the creator of the web page but, it looks like a pretty boring site/interest to me.

Anyway, the funny bag of which I speak was put out by Southwest Airlines back in 1999. There was even a full-page glossy magazine advertisement created for this bag. Now to me, considering the purpose of the bag the text becomes hilarious. Ah, maybe I too, am a little strange.

Perhaps, also, it's a little ironic that the infamous 'bag lady' has no job.

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agourley said...

I appreciate you leaving a comment about my Vector Art on my blog PoetryStuff. It was pretty unexpected, and always a delight to have random people appreciate your talents. Thanks again :)